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Jen is a skilled therapist and a delight to work with. My son is happy to see her and her 'bag of tricks' each week. And my husband and I are thrilled with the rapid progress he's made under her care. When our son started therapy his speech production lagged behind his classmates' -- six months later, he is speaking at the level of his peers and his daycare teachers describe him as a different kid!





My son had some issues while speaking as he is a dual speaker (English and Spanish). He worked with Jennifer for over a year and we have to say that we are impressed by his improvement during this time. Jennifer is an excellent professional who works great with the kids. She made them feel comfortable and they enjoy the sessions as Jennifer keeps them professional but entertainment for the kids too. We totally recommend working with her; she keeps you up to date about how are they doing with the therapy, provides lots of feedback and counsel on how you should support your child, exercises you can do at home, etc. After few moths, we saw our son had improved though we decided to keep working with Jennifer to be sure that he had overcome his speech issues. It definitely was the best decision we had made! 

Maria has been working with my son Z for almost three years.  From the moment that she started working with him, we could tell that Maria truly loves what she does and it shows through her patience, compassion and her generosity.  She goes above and beyond with respect to her level of dedication and even making visits to his school to observe and interact with his teachers.  It has been so rewarding to see the progress that Z has made.  Numerous teachers and friends have commented on how great Maria is with engaging children with all types of temperament.  We love her and consider her a part of our family!


From Jen's comforting tone and active listening, to her flexibility with schedule, and clear knowledge and experience in PROMPT therapy, she “had me at hello.” We saw immediate results after Jen started PROMPT therapy with our daughter.  Even more telling, others noticed the quick progress too.  Jen really invests in our daughter’s speech development and works with us to evolve her treatment over time to fit with our daughter’s needs, and also her attention span.  She understands that one size does not fit all and adapts her treatment plan to fit the individual child.  Jen understands that therapy is something that needs to translate into “real life” too, and thus has spent time outside of the home with our daughter working with her integrate the tools she has learned into her every day activities, such as playing with other kids at the playground or spending time with her siblings. Bottom line, Jen knows her stuff, goes the extra mile, the kids love her and she gets results.  Can’t ask for more than that!

Maria is a truly wonderful speech therapist.  She is caring, creative, thoughtful, and is always considering new approaches to help our toddler advance. I particularly appreciate how much she invests in teaching us new speech exercises so that we can practice them with our son throughout the week. I highly recommend her!